Race Committee Assignments 2010

2011 RC assignments will be published in march 2011.


Permanent Race Committee Chairman - Mark Hardenbergh

Assistant - Andy Lawrence

All active CLSA members are required to serve at least 2 days on race committee. Parents of youth members are required to serve an additional race committee for junior races.

Crew participation is highly encouraged to provide proper staffing.

If you cannot serve on a particular date, you are responsible for exchanging dates with another member in the same job assignment and advising the PRC chair of the day and webmaster.

Names printed in red were changed or added since the list was first published.

There is a new teen RC that will conduct junior races while adult junior RC will operate safety boat.


  Apr 18 Apr 25 May 2 May 9 May 16 May 23
PRC Taylor Rowland Jamey Carey Larison Irwin Jamey Caerey
1st Officer Worster Getschow Worster Whitman Annenberg Whitman
1 Clements Dyrenforth Quin Foreman Eckman McGee
2 B. Larsen Quin Grimmer Coomes Masters Miller
3 Gardner Stoeklin Meade More Davis More
4 Stoeklin Meade Aubel Grever Rice Jacob
5 Masters Tikoft Grever Ruhkamp Ruhkamp Beatty
Safety Rhoades J. Larsen Coomes McNett Mills Mills
Junior 1 - - - - - -
Junior 2 - - - - - -


  May 30-31 Jun 6 Jun 13 Jun 20 Jun 27 Jul 3-4
PRC Hearn Larison Fisher Eilers Lawrence Rosekrans
1st Officer Kitchen Snyder Osterbrock W. O'Toole Pugh Snodgrass
1 Waldrop Grimmer Ring B. Nelson Young Price
2 Epperson M. O'Toole Broersma Jacob Seymour Maddox
3 Lundgren Haase   Walker B. Moore Fader
4 Jay Carey Davis Karns Beatty Alper Shondel
Safety Pfarner Schumann Thompson Cummins Petko-Bunney Antunes
Junior 1 - - - - - Vallo
Junior 2 - - - - - Shondel
Junior RC           C. Japikse/J. Irwin


  Jul 11 Jul 18 Jul 25 Aug 1 Aug 8 Aug 15
PRC Irwin Alice Shoemaker Irwin Hardenbergh Eilers Alice Shoemaker
1st Officer Thobaben Pugh Yovan Pratt Thobaben Yovan
1 Clements M. O'Toole Ring Joly Elster Barnwell
2 Gardner Mann Rehman Haase Blackburn Hatfield
3 Broesma Bergeron Langfels Tsuchya Subashi Buckley-Waugh
4 Mann Griffing Blackburn Werremeyer Koglmeier Thompson
Safety S. Nelson B. Moore J. Larsen Gallagher Gallagher B. Nelson
Junior 1 M. Schrand McClean J. Japikse Lawrence Gardner M. More
Junior 2 Taylor S. Nelson M. More Owen Conrad Taylor
Junior RC C. Japikse/Hannah P-B C. Japikse/J. Irwin C. Japikse/J. Irwin C. Japikse/J. Irwin C. Japikse/J. Irwin C. Japikse/J. Irwin


  Aug 22 Aug 29 Sep 4-5 Sep 12 Sep 19 Sep 26
PRC Rowland Hardenbergh Black Fisher Gilliland McClean
1st Officer Pratt James Shayeson James Getschow Brock
1 Greg Schrand Foreman Jung Hatfield Elster Overholt
2 Green Vallo Fickinger Schumann Petko-Bunney Jung
3 Buckley-Waugh Subashi Conrad Gonnzales-Del-Rey Seymour Bergeron
4 Cummins Morrison Hutten Karns Griffing Rehman
Safety Weeber Overholt Fanthorp Walker Koglmeier Berten
Junior 1 Schumann Gardner

S. Nelson

- - -
Junior 2 McClean Owen


- - -
Junior RC C. Japikse/J. Irwin C. Japikse/J. Irwin

C. Japikse/J. Irwin

- - -


  Oct 3 Oct 10 Oct 17 Oct 24 Oct 31
PRC Japikse McClean Gilliland Lawrence Taylor
1st Officer Snyder Annenberg Brock Osterbrock W. O'Toole
1 Marcotte Ray Young Ray McGee
2 Morrison Aubel Furderer Rice Marcotte
3 Alper Maney Eckman Green McNett
4 Maney Gonzoles-Del-Rey B. Larsen Sauber Weeber
5 Langfels Werremeyer Lovullo Barnwell Tikoft
Safety S. Nelson Sauber Vallo Rhoades Lovullo