Sunday afternoon racing at Cowan Lake is open to all sailboats, whether CLSA members or not. All competitors shall follow the Racing Rules of Sailing as well as the CLSA Sailing Instructions. Boat classes belonging to the CLSA starting classes may start with them. These are: Thistles, Highlanders, MC Scows, Lightnings, Snipes, Flying Scots and Lasers and will start in that order.

All other classes will sail with the handicap fleet which starts with the Lasers. They will be scored by the Portsmouth Yardstick scoring system. The starting interval is 3 minute repeating sequence in place of the standard 5 minute signal sequence as described in the RRS 26. The first start in Sunday racing is at 1:45. A $3.00 race fee is charged members and non-members who race to support the help offset part of the support boat expenses. Non-members will be scored but are not eligible for trophies.


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