Regulations for CLSA Vessel Use


Cowan Lake is a horsepower restricted lake and all motors are required to be less than 10 horsepower.

The Ohio Division of Watercraft has granted CLSA a temporary exemption from the horsepower limit for its power vessels that is renewed annually. In this exemption, it is stipulated that it is only for use in scheduled marine events as listed in the marine event application we file with the state each season. This is identical to the Schedule of Events we publish on this website. A copy of the exemption needs to be available on the water if requested by a watercraft officer.

The only exception for vessel use would be vessel or dock maintenance. For example, dock or lift work or fuel runs or taking vessels to the marina for repair. These vessels covered by the exemption may not be operated for personal use.

One of our vessels has a motor that is less than 10 horsepower and does not fall under the exemption. None of the restrictions listed in the exemption apply. This is the 14 ft. Tracker jon boat with the manual start 8 HP motor. This vessel is available for limited personal use by CLSA members. Examples of reasonable personal use would be towing sailboats to or from the launch ramp or taking it out to supervise junior sailors out on the water. It could also be used as a utility vessel at an impromptu social event. An example of inappropriate use is using the boat for fishing or touring the lake. Another consideration in personal use is that a 6 gallon tank costs about $41 to refill.

The junior program, CLSA-Training Inc., owns a rigid inflatable boat (RIB), that is available only for use by the junior program. It is equipped with a 9.8 HP motor so is exempt from the horsepower restrictions..

These vessel use restrictions are being emphasized now because it is important that CLSA continues to have it's exemption renewed.

The State of Ohio also has a watercraft operators education requirement for persons born after Jan. 1, 1982 for operating boats with motors greater than 10 horsepower. This certificate may be obtained with a simple home study course available from Ohio DNR at This certificate is mandatory to operate any motor vessels over 10 HP.