Abandoning a Race.

When we hear three horns and see a checkered flag, just what does it mean? Should we go home? Will they restart later? It depends on the flag combination.

If the RC discovers a very large wind shift, a missing mark or anything that would make the started races unfair, the RC may restart the fleets. They abandon by hoisting code flag N and sounding three horns. The races will be restarted as soon as possible. The flag is lowered with one horn one minute before the new start sequence. The abandonment applies to all started fleets. This is seldom used in Sunday fleet racing at CLSA.


If severe conditions exist, such as high winds or lightning, where the racing would not be fair or may be unsafe, the RC may hoist code flags N over H and sound three horns. This means all races are abandoned, but there will be further signals ashore. If conditions improve, the RC may restart the racing.

If The RC determines that safe or fair racing conditions do not exist and they are not likely to improve, they may hoist code flags N over A and sound three horns. All races are abandoned and there will be no more racing today. This may be seen after a long postponement for no wind, or it may follow the previous hoist after determining conditions are not improving.  After the start of racing, the RC may abandon if they feel no boats will finish in a reasonable time.