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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Winter at Cowan Lake. Pete Japikse stopped by the lake on the way home from a business trip and took a few pictures. He reported the lake is at winter level and the bottom is exposed. This is an opportunity for lift work for those on the lake bottom. Pictures 12/16

Winter work. Over the Thanksgiving holiday a work party led by Pete Japikse installed a new fuel storage shed in the waterfront. It will replace the green shed damaged last winter. The workers are part of a scout project for an Eagle Scout award. It is attached to the large storage container. It will be painted in the spring. The old green box is gone. Next on the list is a small container for junior racing program equipment near the pram dock. Pictures. 11/27

Letter from the new Commodore:

Saturdayís work parties accomplished their goals and the Club is closed for the winter.  All the vessels are removed from the lake, pressure washed and winterized.  Moorings are removed and pressure washed. The Club house was cleaned up and the water systems are winterized.  Our thanks to all who helped, especially Ken Irwin, who Karen McGee reports was the traffic director for the projects. 

It is expected the lake draw down will commence November 11.  Because of rainfall, the periods where the lake bottom is exposed are quite variable and unpredictable. This yearís project to replace planks along the sea wall will be timed to take advantage of this. Pete Japikse will walk the shoreline over Thanksgiving and prepare a list of materials.

Pete and I missed the fun of closing the Club because we attended the annual meeting of the "Friends for the Preservation of the Ohio State Parks" in Columbus.  Tony Celebrezze, Deputy Director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, spoke about the park budget and about the changes expected from the new Governor. 

Over the next few weeks I will be recruiting the committee chairs for the next year.  Please do not be shy about calling me if you want to volunteer or have some suggestions for next year.

Dave Rosekrans 11/10

Club closed for winter. The fall work parties worked hard to prepare the clubhouse and vessels for winter storage. The water system is turned off and winterized, so the club restrooms may not be used in the off-season. 11/9

Fall series. Fall series results have been tallied. The season  fleet championship results have also been posted. 10/31

Mark your calendar. As we lament the end of the season, we should mark our calendars for the winter sailing club dinner. The date is January 22, 2011 and the place is Receptions in Loveland - the same place as last year. 10/25

Racing - sailing a shortened course. As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, CLSA changed the shorten course part the Sailing Instructions to be governed by the RRS rather than the procedures we adopted some years ago. There has been some confusion in the case where the course is shortened to finish at the leeward mark when a leeward gate is used. In this case the finish line is between the two marks of the gate, not between the nearby mark and the RC boat. The RC boat anchors at a position where they can judge when finishing boats cross the finish line. They are not part of the line. Another method is for the RC to take one gate mark inside the boat with them - that way they are one end of the finishing line. They could not do this if the gate is still being rounded by boats not finishing. 4/26

Changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing. Most racers know that the Racing Rules of Sailing is reviewed and rewritten every four years, just after the summer Olympics year. Many do not realize that every year at the ISAF Annual Conference in November, small changes or tweaks are made, often to fix unintended consequences of a rule change. The principal change this time is to rule 18.2, Giving Mark-Room. It went in effect January 1, 2010. Read the text. 4/10

Racing rule changes. Just when we think we understand the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing, they are altered. This account, taken from, outlines the changes in detail. This should make good winter reading for those who want to keep abreast. Read changes 12/2

Women's Championship pictures. Phil Beatty took some good sailing action pictures at the Women's Championship. Check them out. PhotoShow 9/1

2009 Youth sailing camp. This year we had a banner year at camp thanks to the efforts of Pete Japikse and his elves. Read the report. 7/6

Club vessel use. As enacted last season, there are restrictions for the use of the club power vessels. The reason for the restrictions is our special horsepower exemption from the State of Ohio. Our exempted vessels (those over 10 horsepower) may only be operated in scheduled events. More information in our regulations page. 4/5

Member communication. Since we no longer publish our mailed newsletter, the Jibsheet, important announcements are made using our Google Groups email listserv. It is important all members are subscribed. Some business email systems filter out this kind of messaging and home addresses may be necessary. If you have not been receiving the occasional listserv messages this past season, contact the webmaster to get subscribed. 11/27

One Design Class Council. The one council of US Sailing that affects us most is the One Design Class Council. To be in the loop of what is going on in one design, subscribe to the   listserv. To subscribe, send an email to from the email address you wish to receive list messages. 3/6

CLSA logowear. CLSA is making available several pieces of merchandise with CLSA logo. Pete Japikse is selling these as a CLSA junior training fundraising project. When he reaches the 48 piece minimum he sends in an order. Details 2/25

So you really want to understand the rules? If during the winter you wish to sharpen up your understanding of the Racing Rules of Sailing, consider browsing the official rule interpretations found in the ISAF Casebook. Link 1/9

Boater education requirement. Effective Jan 2000 a boater education requirement was mandated for all persons born after Jan 1, 1982 to operate a power boat over 10 HP. That means members under about 26 need to be certified to operate most of our RC boats. More information as well as links to online courses may be found here. Many of our teens are already doing this and the off season is a good time. 12/1

First Aid, CPR & AED Course online. The American Red Cross now offers several training courses online. This answers a need for people too busy to schedule a classroom based course. Link 11/22

Flags. Sailing instructions make reference to "signals made ashore". In the past, this referred to certain signal flags flown from the RC boat at the dock to provide information to sailors on shore before racing. CLSA is acquiring a larger version of these flags so we may fly them from the clubhouse flag pole. This would make the information available before the sailors went down the hill - perhaps saving them the trip. Although mainly for regattas, there is some application for club races. For how this will work, see details 11/19

Dogs on club grounds. For many years club rules and regulations have stated members dogs are not welcome on club grounds, whether on leash or not. Please make other arrangements for your pets when you come to the club. 6/2

CLSA burgees. We have acquired a number of small CLSA burgees. they are 12 x 18 and cost $15. See Judy Hearn.

All those signal flags! On the occasion of replacing our signal flags with larger ones, we have taken the time to produce a primer for our more casual racers. What does that mean?




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