Rules regarding work done on state property.

Work party members who will be doing work on the State Property, such as the shoreline of CLSA, need to be members of the Volunteers for the State Parks.  For example, the Park Manager has agreed to dump gravel down by the laser dock for CLSA member "Volunteers" to use for backfilling behind the sea wall.  Remember last year the gravel was available but there was no state supplied labor to move it and CLSA members were not permitted to do work on state property and the backfilling was never done.
We need to turn in the list about Mid-March.  Please call Kathy Beatty or Dave Rosekrans to sign up.  The Park Manger will be notified when work parties are to be held and we can expect him to drop in to be sure only Volunteers are working on State property.
Please treat this seriously.   People who are not members of the Volunteers are NOT permitted to do work on State property,  Volunteers are not permitted to use power tools on State property.  Any injuries on State property must be reported promptly.  A sign will be posted at the club giving instructions on how to report injuries on state property requiring beyond minor first aid or property damage greater than $500. 
State Liaison Committee, Dave Rosekrans, Chair


Group signup form        Individual signup form


It can be said that personal work, such as working on our boats, lifts or CLSA equipment done on state property is not included in the above rules, except for the need to report accidents or injuries.