Cork Flooring Cost per Square Foot

Unlike hardwood flooring which calls for deforestation cork simply requires the removal of a covering of bark coming from the cork oak tree; and the removal process leaves the tree itself unharmed. Of the cork oak tree's lifecycle, the bark can be harvested up to 20 times. You will be glad to find out this's completely, hundred % an environmentally friendly flooring item. The cork can be harvested following the tree is 25 years of age.

Cork Flooring Cost per Square Foot

There is a wide variety of styles, patterns as well as textures for the prroperty owner to find one that suits the taste of theirs. Since cork flooring costs about the same as a hardwood floors, but is actually cheaper than bamboo flooring, you will want to protect your investment. This particular sort of floor could be installed over different kinds of existing sub floors like wood, concrete, vinyl, etc.

Cork Flooring – 100 Series Cork Flooring Floors Modern

Government and instructional buildings have also made use of this flooring sort for rather a quite a while. US Floors products come largely in earth tones, one particular different being their quite popular "Ocean Turquois" offering. However, installations with an existing floor must simply be carried out if the current floor is in decent condition and level.

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