Garage Floor Coating

Do you have a garage? Then you have a garage floor, and it needs to be taken care of. Look, I know it’s just a floor. But when I remember some of the garages I have seen on TV, like Jay Leno’s: They are beautiful, and often they have a beautiful custom garage floor as the main feature.

garage floor coatings

In addition to the appearance factor, your garage flooring takes a huge hit over time from oil leaks, motorcycle kickstands, dropped tools, and all kinds of spills. Your garage floor may also need a coating or covering to hide cracks and stains from a previous owner.

There are really two ways to go about this:

  • Garage floor coating
  • Garage floor covering

In this article, we’re going to look a garage floor coatings. You can split these up into just a few major categories, and by the time you read this article, you be able to make an intelligent decision as to which floor coating is right for you.

Garage Floor Paint

This is, of course, the most common and easiest way to go. Usually what you will be using is concrete floor paint. This is no different really than any outside paint, only it is formulated to withstand wear better. You apply it just like any other paint. There’s nothing unusual or special about the way you apply it

If use latex floor paint, you will find that it is easier to do touchups and after-work clean-up than if you use oil paint. And remember, if you use an oil-based paint you have to do a primer coat. This is another way that it’s exactly the same as if you’re painting the garage wall.

Epoxy Garage Floor

epoxy garage floor coating

Epoxies are all divided into just two simple categories:

  • 1 part epoxy
  • 2 part epoxies

One-party proxies are exactly what they say they’re pretty mixed any role launches like you would paint you do have to make sure that you prepare the surface beforehand, but if you do it right, you’re going to get a really tough hard surface.

Two-party proxies again, are exactly what you would think. It’s two different parts and they actually make a tougher and harder he talks about a garage floor. But you have to work quickly – once you’ve mixed the two parts the possible start to set up so be careful to follow the instructions from the manufacturer carefully.

Some people like to apply a second coat of the proxy but if you want to you can get away with just putting some sealer on top. You know why this is going to give you a beautiful glossy and very very hard surface.

Concrete Floor Stain

All you will be doing with the stain is changing the appearance of your concrete — you are not actually covering it up. You can use different techniques such as taping off a grid to leave an unstained area, which will make your garage look like it has a tile floor. You remember that the stain does not provide any protection for your garage floor. Once it is on there, you still have to go back and apply some urethane sealer, or your floor will be susceptible to damage from moisture and spills.

Garage Floor Sealer

garage floor sealer

Concrete sealers have become popular for doing garage floors because they are easy to apply. Sealers are applied with a roller just like you would with paint. A bonus is that these can also be tinted, this means that if you want to take the trouble of laying out a grid with painter’s tape, you can go for fake tile luck. You’ll find that sealers are tougher than standard concrete floor paint.

Urethane Garage Floor Coatings

Urethane sealers are tough but it is hard to get them to bond with concrete. We usually recommend that you apply urethane as a secondary coat on top of your epoxy floor covering.

Acrylic Floor Sealers

Acrylic and latex sealers are not as tough as an epoxy covering, but you can protect them by waxing them if you like, or you can use them as a primer before you lay down concrete floor paint or an epoxy floor covering.

Well, this concludes our overview of the different floor coatings available for your garage. As you have seen, you can achieve a number of different looks and turn your garage into a real showplace with minimal cost and effort.

Your Garage Door Insulation and Seal

Once you have done all of this work on your floor, don’t forget that you now have to protect it. Make sure that you insulate your garage properly – especially the door. You would be amazed at how much heat you can lose through a thin metal door. Also, make sure that when you do your garage door insulation you remember to replace the garage door bottom seal at the bottom. This will keep out rain and snow, and further protect your new garage floor.

Garage Floor Coating Products

You have a nice house with a great garage attached. But, you know it will not be long before the flooring in that garage begins to show signs of wear. The inevitable oil stains, the cracks, and the chips will make it look old and gross over time. With the rocks that get wedged in the tires and the temperature changes, it is to be expected. Even if you are meticulous about keeping the garage clean, you cannot stop certain blemishes that will start showing up. You need something that will help prevent the natural wear and tear on the cement. At the same time, you need something that will repel oil and other chemicals that will mess up the floor. You need a garage floor coating.

rustoleum garage floor coating

A Bit of History

When you are considering how to protect your floor, the last thing you are probably thinking about is history. But, if you are looking for a name brand of garage floor sealant, then you might be interested in the history of Rustoleum garage floor coating. Captain Fergusson was fishing in an old rusty boat. He tried to stop a barrel of fish oil from spilling.

Unfortunately, some of the oil hit his deck. To his amazement, the fish oil stopped the spread of rust on his boat. The next thing you know, he is trying to find a formula of sealant that will protect boats and stop corrosion. Fortunately, he finally came up with a mixture that did not reek of fish after it dried. Today, Rustoleum garage coatings seal out the oils and chemicals that will really make a mess of your floor, while making it crack and chip resistant.

Explanation Please!

epoxyshield garage floor coating

So, what is Epoxyshield garage floor coating? What makes it so great? Of course, you are going to want the answer to these questions, before you invest in a sealant for your garage. Epoxyshield protects against the auto fluids that will ruin your floor. The sealant will repel gasoline, anti-freeze, oil, salt from the roads, and hot tire damage. If you know how to use a paint roller, you can apply this protective coating all by yourself.

In the kit, you will receive a professional cleaner to get your floor ready. Then, you roll out the floor coating and add the chips to give it a little pizzazz and texture at the same time. It saves you money because you do not have to hire a contractor to replace your floor when it gets too nasty. You can easily do something to prevent the breakdown of the cement before it happens.

A Sure Thing

epoxy garage coating floor

If you want to protect your floor from UV rays, salt from the wintery roads, chemical fluid leaks, rocks that can chip, or temperature changes that will cause it to crack, you need a sure thing. You need an epoxy garage floor coating. You can pick one of many brands. But, epoxy has a reputation for sealing out the elements and wear and tear of everyday use. You need something that already has a reputation for being dependable, and yet is easy to apply.

You do not want to have to go to the expense of hiring someone else to do the job if you can save money and do it yourself. Plus, you want the option to choose the color and texture you want to make your floor look superb.

Not only will you have a great garage in which to park your car, but you will also have an extra room to use for storage, shelter for an outdoor family gathering, and more. Once you find the right epoxy for your garage, and discover how easy it is to apply, you may want to do the same for your basement, deck, patio, and more.

Saving Cents

garage floor coating cost

The main purpose of garage floor coatings is to save you some cents, in the long run. Over time, every garage will be subject to chemical fluid leaks, the weather, and normal everyday wear and tear. You should do what you can to prevent those problems, in order to keep your garage looking nice. It can actually become a nice extension of your living space.

In fact, you can use the same type of sealant to protect any other cement surfaces on your property. Imagine having a basement floor that is glossier than the one in your kitchen. You can turn that cold, dark room into a nice place to hang out. It will not have to be just for storage or the laundry. So, start with the garage floor covering. See how easy and affordable it is before you move forward in protecting the rest of your property as well.

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