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epoxy garage floor

Most garage floors are made of concrete. It looks nice in the beginning. But, it does not take long for the floor to start looking oily. Then, the inevitable cracks and chips start to show. Not only does it look shabby, but it can ultimately be a safety hazard. All you have to do is catch your foot in a crack, and you will be down for the count.

So, if you want to keep your entire house looking nice, including your garage, you may want to consider your own epoxy garage floor. Although you can hire someone to do the job for you, you can save a lot of money and do the job yourself. A kit will come with everything you need. If you can read directions and know how to use a paint roller, you will not have any trouble creating a nice floor.

Step by Step

epoxy garage flooring

Garage floor finishes do not magically appear. But, if you are willing to follow the directions, step by step, you will have a professional finish on your floor before you know it. First, if the floor has been painted in the past, you will want to scrape away the chunks that are still left. So, get a few paint scrapers, and get the family involved. Once the floor is finished, maybe you could plan a party to celebrate all the hard work and show off the finished result. After you have all of the yucky paint off, it is time to do your best to fill the cracks and chips with a special compound.

You can smooth it out, so the surface of the garage is fairly even. The fun part is getting the paint roller to put a coat of your favorite color on the floor. You can also add chips of color, to give it a little pizzazz and texture. Finally, it is time to put on the epoxy garage floor coating. It will seal in all of your hard work, and seal out the weather and inevitable leak of oil.

Like the Professionals

garage epoxy flooring

You have decided that preventing damage to your floor is a lot cheaper than hiring a contractor to build a new floor in the future. But, you are not quite sure what you need. You want it to look like the floors at a convention center car show. You want a garage that looks like something the professionals would be proud to own. If that is the case, you are probably thinking about epoxy garage flooring.

When you are done, the finish is so beautiful; it looks like you polish your floor. In fact, you will need to add a little texture to the color coat, or you might as well have your own personal skating rink. It will end up being a great way to show off your awesome automobile or use it for extra living space. It could easily become one of the favorite rooms in your house.

Keep Out!

epoxy floor garage

If you have nice garage flooring, the only way to make sure it stays that way is to put a sign up that says: “Keep Out!” Of course, this plan of action is neither practical nor logical. What good is having a nice garage, if you never use it? Instead, it should be such a wonderful garage that it is an extension of your living space. It should be so nice that you can use it for a guest room when your teenager has a sleepover. Epoxy garage floor coatings are the perfect solution. The finish will probably be glossier than your kitchen floor after a good waxing.

With many colors to choose from, you can select just the one to reflect your personality, whether it is a steel-gray with black flecks or an awesome red that your neighbors can see from miles away. But, you should remember the flecks. You will need some texture unless you like the feeling of walking on glass. Your professionally glazed floor will look totally awesome!

But, it will also repel the liquids and oils that are notorious for ruining a garage floor. However, the best part is that you will have a floor that looks like a million bucks; but, you did it for yourself!

How to Apply to Concrete

For people asking whether garage floor epoxy can be used on concrete or not, the answer is a simple yes. If you don’t know it yet, this type of paint is actually created for garage floors made of bare concrete. However, there’s a certain procedure as far as applying these paints on the floor is concerned. And the first step is to check whether the garage floor epoxy paint would work on the floor or not.

However unfortunate, there are certain types of concrete floors wherein this paint can’t be used. For starters, it can’t be applied on a concrete floor treated with a sealer. A concrete sealer is a compound applied on the floor or walls to keep both liquids and moisture away. This is one way to protect the concrete. This compound is used mostly on walls to keep the rain, snow, and other weather elements out. But then again, some builders use it on the floor as well.

The thing is, if your garage floor is treated with a concrete sealer, you can’t use epoxy paint on it. If you want to know if your floor is, spill half a glass of liquid onto one area of the floor. On untreated concrete, the water will be absorbed into the surface of the concrete. But if the water just stays on top, the floor is sealed. In other words, you can’t possibly use the garage floor epoxy on it. Worse, you may not use any type of paint at all. If you really want to, you have to go to great lengths to remove the seal first. If that’s very inconvenient for you, it is advisable that you just settle for other floor covering options.

For Non-Treated Floor

Now if your floor is not treated, you can start the preparations to apply the epoxy paint. This means that you have to start cleaning the floor from one corner to the other. The goal is to remove all debris from the floor so that it won’t stick to the paint. Use a pressure washer to clean the garage floor, if you have one. If there’s any part of the floor that is chipped and cracked, you have to repair it first.

It would take some time for the garage floor epoxy to dry. If it is summer, the estimated drying time is four to six hours. During winter and the cold months, it would take twice as long. This means that you have to plan ahead. Start early. By doing so, you can finish the painting job in just one day.

How Durable Is It

Epoxy garage floors are highly durable. Epoxy garage floor coating can last for several years, decades even. With minimal maintenance, epoxy can make your garage look good and valuable too. Compared to plain concrete floors, the ones coated with epoxy are resistant to stains, corrosion, and cracks.

However, the durability of epoxy garage floor coating depends upon the way you apply it to the floor. The more carefully you apply it, the better the performance and resilience it can provide. You can certainly install this by yourself. But if you want to do it perfectly, you can always call a handyman to do the job for you.

The first step in the proper application of epoxy garage floor coating for utmost durability is cleaning the floor. The floor should be free from dirt and debris so that you can apply the paint in this best form. And your floor would look good too. It would be smoother and much more pretty to look at.

Concrete Solution

Before deciding to apply garage floor paint or other flooring ideas, you have to apply a concrete solution that would make the paint stick to the concrete better. If you aren’t sure of which brand to buy, go to a trusted hardware store and ask the clerk. He should be able to suggest a good brand for you.

The initial coat is the primer. Of course, you can do without this but if you want durability. You might as well get several cans of epoxy paint primer. One coat would do. The primer would even out the garage floor and make it ready for the actual epoxy paint. The primer also makes it easy to apply the paint.

For added durability, put two to three coats of paint on your garage floor. The more coats, the stronger it should be. While this could cost you more, just think of the many years you can use the coating. The extra investment in garage floor paint should be worth it.

The maintenance of epoxy garage floor coating isn’t much. But even so, you should never neglect it. Some people think that they don’t need to clean or wash their epoxy garage regularly. That isn’t right. You need to wash the floor well so that you can easily remove the hard sticking dirt. If left ignored, the dirt would be much harder to take out. Attempts to remove the dirt may lead to taking out the paint too. And that’s something you don’t want to happen.

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