Cork Flooring Portugal

Unlike hardwood flooring which involves deforestation cork simply requires the removal of a level of bark coming from the cork oak tree; and the removal process leaves the tree itself unharmed. Of the cork oak tree's lifecycle, the bark could be harvested up to 20 times. You'll be glad to learn this is completely, hundred % an environmentally friendly flooring item. The cork is usually harvested after the tree is twenty five years of age.

Cork Flooring Portugal

This is in reality really self explanatory plus due to the cellular structure of its. Three of the best selling makes of cork flooring are Wicanders, by much the best-known manufacturer, Globus, and US Floors. Green flooring essentially means its eco-friendly, sustainable and a natural renewable resource. Precisely, cork material comes out of the bark of this tree. This's because of a chemical that naturally occurs in cork called Suberin.

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Cork flooring is usually unwilling to rather a couple of things including moisture, mold, mildew, bacteria and allergens. This particular bark is harvested every nine years after the tree matures, with a regular lifespan of 200 years. Consists of multiple substrate layers based on the quality of the cork flooring selected, these floors are very similar in structure to engineered laminate floor surfaces with better insulating and sound deadening qualities.

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