Wickes Bamboo Flooring

Even though the manufacturing procedures are the same all with the world, the area of expertise in Vietnam bamboo flooring is that newly cut bamboo strips are utilized for processing. Bamboo floors have a similar hardness to any hardwood flooring. Therefore, dents, scratches and any other damages are extremely tough to be noticed or perhaps even occur on a bamboo flooring.

Wickes Bamboo Flooring

Due to its fast growth, bamboo may be harvested every 3 to five years, rather than oak trees which may take up to 10 to 20 years to become to helpful size. Bamboo is actually a solid floor that is in fact harder than almost all of the traditional hardwoods. Horizontal grain is created by putting the splits horizontally, stacked three high, and then gluing them alongside one another.

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Even with the overall good power of its, on some floors the load strain from high-heeled shoes on a tiny surface area can produce dents in the bamboo, for this reason tall heels should be avoided. Bamboo flooring is going to scratch as the bonding content involving the bamboo fibres is less strong than lignens to come down with old wood.

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